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June 21 – Half Term Hope

June 21 – Half Term Hope

First Up - Well done!  You've made it to half term.  Here's some encouragement to keep you going.Mowing the lawn, fixing the shed or cooking up a storm this half term 😀?  Here's a great podcast to check out.  Two Dad's who are just working things out for themselves -...

February Half Term Help

February Half Term Help

First Up - Happy Pancake day - what's your topping - why not share some pics with us? If you've started new Bible reading stuff for Lent - whether for you or your kids - let us know how it's going.  If you're so exhausted that it sounds 😩 - then don't panic - let us...

Doing school at home

Doing school at home

Just been dropped into doing school at home?  We thought now was a helpful time for a short Q&A with someone in our church who's been home-schooling for a while.How is homeschooling is different from sending kids in to school.  Thinking that to do school at home...


Beginners Gospel Story Bible

A great story Bible for pre-school kids.  Every story ends with a question helping us to think through what the story teaches us.

Jesus Storybook Bible

A great story Bible for ages 4+ with each story pointing kids forward to God’s bigger plan.

NCV Children’s Bible

Easy to read Bible idea for kids aged 6+.  Contains pictures, helpful footnotes & explainers to help kids understand God’s word.

Engage Youth Bible

NIV Bible to help kids engage with God’s word.  

Parenting – Paul Tripp

In a world of too many parenting books 😧 – this stands out.  It’s not a how-to guide or a new guru.  It’s heart-targetting 🧡 Gospel principles, rooted deep in the Bible.

Loving the Little Years

Aimed at mums of younger kids.  Here are some short devotions pointing to God’s truth.   Written by another mum – living through the messiness, tough times and wonder of raising small children ☺️.

Pop Culture Parent

Finding your kids know more about Roblox, Fortnite and Marvel heroes than the Bible?  Here’s a great practical resource – not about cutting those things out – but how we engage with culture and point out kids to Jesus 🤩.

The Gospel Comes with a house key

Full of personal stories.  We get an insight into how one family opens up their home and see God work in wonderful ways.  We’re not all called to be Rosaria but we’re all invited to share God’s wonderful gift of hospitality with those around us ☕🍩.