New: Who am I? Series

We’re diving into the topic of identity.  What does the Bible say about who we are?  New Youth Teaching coming in March 2023.

News, Books, Resources to help families of all shapes as sizes as we point our young people to Jesus.


Engage Youth Bible

NIV Bible to help kids engage with God’s word.  

The Action Bible (8-13)

Great for early teens or anyone really into comic-books.  This version takes some NIV text and some paraphrasing.

NIV Journalling Bible

Helpful for older young people, with space to write, and helpful pointers for understanding the Bible.

CSB Journalling Bible

Slightly easier to read, while remaining faithful to the text – the CSB is a great version for young people.  This example has space for notes and doodles.

Why is my teenager…?

Part of a set with another book available for teens to read.  Here you will find a Biblical and practical guide to dealing with anxiety and depression in teens.

Raising Kids in a …

Part of a book series, this one is great for parents of teens.  Practical help for thinking about and talking to your child in our hyper-sexualised world.

Pop Culture Parent

Finding your child knows more about Fortnite and Marvel heroes than the Bible?  Here’s a great practical resource – not about cutting those things out – but how we engage with culture and point out kids to Jesus 🤩.

The Gospel Comes with a house key

Full of personal stories.  We get an insight into how one family opens up their home and see God work in wonderful ways.  We’re not all called to be Rosaria but we’re all invited to share God’s wonderful gift of hospitality with those around us ☕🍩.

Wingfeather Saga

A series of books aimed at younger teens.  A great fiction story with a great message of hope and faith.

Best News Ever

Wondering what’s next for your child in studying the Bible?  Here’s a great 100 day walk through the Gospel of Mark.  Fun and engaging.

10 Questions…

With genuine questions, our teens will ask about Christianity, and one’s their friends are asking too.  Rebecca writes in a very accessible way with no half-baked answers.

This Changes Everything

Written by a teen herself Jaquelle is passionate about following Jesus.  In this book she explores what that looks like for today’s youth.