Our young people meet on Sundays.  We have Ready in the morning for 11-14s, getting ready for grown-up Church.

We have Rally in the evenings, where we gather, hear from preaching from the Bible, discuss it and have games.

Our aim is to grow disciples by pointing young people to Jesus.


So where to start? Well, the Bible.  It’s not always an easy book to read – but here’s a video I’ve found helpful in reminding me that there really is nothing like it, and we need this book – we need it because in this book we meet God.  Video and link are from Desiring God.

The Bible Project helps people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.  Check out their videos & especially their new individual study on generosity.


The Coronavirus pandemic is making life tough in many different ways. What should we do when life is tough and God seems silent? Alan Witchalls takes a look in the Bible at what a man named Habakkuk did in an equally difficult situation.

YouVersion has tonnes of Bible reading plans (some are great – others not so good – so check with someone you trust before starting one).  Here’s a great one to kick-off with after Easter.  7 Ways the Resurrection changes everything.  Why not start with a friend and chat about it along the way. 

Our Friends at St James, Muswell hill have pulled together a Spotify playlist. Check out some of these worship songs.  Why not make your own playlist and share it..?

Catch Up

All our team are passionate about working with young people and are DBS checked.  Please see our Safeguarding Policy if you would like some more details.