The sun is shining

Aug 4, 2022

Summer at its best is enjoying more outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Whilst it can get too hot!  And sometimes our kids can get too much!  Summer is a chance to fill those longer evenings, journeys and extended time with faith, fun and laughter.

Every family has habits, every family has routines.  Some of these we’ve deliberately put in place – others have fallen into our paths.  It’s these everyday habits and routines which form us, and make us who we are.  I’ve found this book (Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Early) mega helpful in thinking our habits through.  We’ve even changed some.  I love this book for its honesty in the gritty reality of family life whilst using our everyday practices to point to our hope in Jesus.

Who am I?  This is an ongoing question that’s huge in our culture, but also very confusing for both us as adults and especially for our children.

Presented for children.  Faith in Kids is running a summer series exploring what God says in His word (Bible) about who we are.  Check out the first two episodes below.

Who am I? I am made by God

Who am I? I am made to love others

Summer is a great opportunity to break with the norm, to try something new.  Whilst my kids are still desperate for some routine, mixing things up helps them to see our God is full of life, creativity and wonder.  Here’s some basic ideas

1.  Different Bible times.  Maybe you read that and thought – aaaghh, we never even get round the Bible.  Well maybe make a have a go – even just once – ours are pretty hectic – so don’t expect your kids to hang on your every word 🤣.  We’re enjoying a new book this Summer – The Biggest Story Bible Storybook (Kevin DeYoung) – See below.

We’re also trying I-Spy prayers.  Here’s three things we’ve done:  

Garden I-Spy – go into your garden or a park and pick something you can see:  flower, insect, tree, clouds – thank God for creating it, it’s beauty that He made.

 – Journey I-Spy – as you drive somewhere (our route was just to swimming lessons) talk and pray about the people in your neighbourhood, the Refuse Collectors, the older maybe lonely folk, shop-keepers, hairdressers and thank God for them. Pray for them that they would hear (maybe even from you guys) about Jesus.

 – Map I-Spy – get out an atlas, or map or even pull up Google earth.  All spy out a country.  Maybe look it up on Operation World to see how you could pray for the people there.

2. Slow down and talk.  My kids are between the ages of 9 months and 9 years.  They are all little humans – all made in God’s image, which is hard to remember sometimes 🫣.  Use these longer days to have chats with your kids about faith, life and God.  My kids need to do something at the same time – maybe try a walk 🚶🏽 or a jigsaw (a big one if necessary) 🧩 or go out for a milkshake 🥛 (my personal favourite!).

3.  New Songs. Whether in the car or just dancing whilst you make the dinner 😳.  Songs are great ways to get God’s truths into our minds and hearts.  Here’s a playlist with some new music for the grown-ups! If you’re looking for more kiddy stuff – check out Awesome Cuttlery, Rizers, Slugs and Bugs, J is for Jesus 

If you’ve got any questions/suggestions of your own (why not pop them in our WhatsApp Group) or send them direct to me…

God bless

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