NEW RESOURCES for families pointing kids to Jesus at home.  Click here

We want to walk with families to encourage and equip the next generation to set their hope in Christ.

NEW RESOURCES: for families pointing kids to Jesus at home.  Click here

We want to walk with families to encourage and equip the next generation to set their hope in Christ.

Bows & Arrows run during our Sunday services.  Parents and guardians are welcome to come and talk to the team both before and after the session.   We also run a creche for toddlers & babies.


Our group for pre-school children with age-appropriate teaching.  Based each week around a Bible truth or story with a healthy mix of song, direct teaching and play-based activities.  

For children aged 2.5 to 5.


Arrows is for primary school aged children.  We teach Bible truths through storytelling, games, songs and discussions in small groups.

For children aged 5-11.

Slade Kids Stories

A short re-cap of Sunday’s teaching for you to share as a family

Joseph sent to Egypt

Slade Kids StoriesJoseph’s brothers turned against him and tried to kill him, but God protected Joseph and used him as part of His plan to rescue his family. In a similar way, people turned against God’s Son, Jesus. Jesus’ death was God’s plan to rescue sinners....

Jacob’s New Name

Slade Kids StoriesGod changed Jacob’s life and gave him a new name, Israel. Jesus came so that we might have a changed life, forgiven of sin. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Jesus’ death and resurrection provided sinful people the way to be adopted into God’s family. When we are...

Jacob & Rachel

Slade Kids StoriesLaban tricked Jacob into marrying Leah and Rachel. Even though Jacob did not love Leah, God loved her and used her in His plan. Through Leah’s son Judah, God would show His love for the world by sending His Son. Genesis 29-30 #thegospelprojectkids If...

Jacob & Esau

Slade Kids StoriesRebekah and Jacob tricked Isaac into blessing Jacob, but their sin did not stop God’s plan. At Bethel, God showed that His plan was to continue the covenant through Jacob’s family and eventually a whole nation. #thegospelprojectkids Genesis 28...

Abraham & Isaac

Slade Kids StoriesAbraham showed his love for God by being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. God provided a ram instead. This is how God showed His love for us: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that we could have eternal life through Him. Genesis 22...

The story of Job

Slade Kids StoriesAs you share with your kids this week, help them see that following Jesus is worth it. God is good, present, and in control. We can trust Him even when we don’t understand the pain we have to endure. At the cross, God used the ultimate pain to bring...

Tower of Babel

Slade Kids StoriesPeople chose to give glory to themselves instead of God. They ignored God’s plan, so God confused their language and scattered the people all over the earth. One day, Jesus will gather together all of God’s people—people from every tribe and people...

God created the world

Slade Kids Stories As you talk to your kids this week, help them discover who God is. Remind boys and girls that God created everything with a purpose: to bring Him glory. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of...

All our team are passionate about working with children and are DBS checked.  Please see our Safeguarding Policy if you would like some more details.