A New Season

Aug 19, 2021

It’s Summertime!  Much of life is still weird, Summer offers longer days and maybe a more relaxed pace or even holidays.   Summer can be great for reflecting & thinking forward…

Epic adventures are great to go on – especially with the warmer weather – so enjoy exploring a new play-park, river or forest ⛰️.  To walk alongside that it’s great to get kids thinking big too.  Here are a couple of suggestions for reading or watching…

1.  Chronicles of Narnia By CS Lewis.  A classic series and personal favourite ☺️.  Deep within them are great gospel truths to explore too.  You will not regret it .

 – Maybe read them with your kids?

 – Here’s an article to get you thinking more about them: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/7-lessons-narnia/

 – Here’s the trailer for the first film (made by Disney – check it out before watching with your kids as there is a quite scary scene): 

2.  If you’ve done Narnia and you’re looking for something new – how about this recent series called the Wingfeather Saga? 

Summer is a great time for listening to music.  Whether like me in the evening when you’re cooking dinner and you like to dance with your kids (when they’re not having a level 10 argument 🤭).  Or to save your 5 hour car journey to your holidays.  Why not check out some Christian music too – this Summer our kids started to learn Books of the Bible to the first song below. I’ve also included a couple of more recent releases for the grown-ups 😉!

Hanging out more with your kids can be great, often the chat is random about weird stuff, but investing in these times can is important for building solid foundations and sometimes you get to great conversations about Eternity (my latest was half an hour after bed time!! often the way).  

It’s also a good season to think forward to the next milestone in your family.  Maybe your kids are off to secondary school in September – that will come with a whole new load of opportunities and challenges.  It’s a good season to think and talk about them.  Here’s a couple of resources which might help you and them to prepare…

1.  A helpful book for your teen (and for you) on the kind of questions which will no doubt come up in Secondary School regarding Faith. 

2.  A helpful article setting out things to keep vital as they head into a stage where they will be questioning faith in new ways.


If you’ve got any questions/suggestions of your own (why not pop them in our WhatsApp Group) or send them direct to me…

God bless

Andy (andy.laws@sladechrurch.org)